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  1. The Heart and Craft of Writing Compelling Description needs a new name. It should be called “Every Writer’s Bible.” It needs to be read and reread. It needs to be carried around with you. It needs to get worn and tattered with underlines and margin notes because you keep referring to it so often.

    Author Sharon M. Lippincott likes the word savor – a perfect word for this book. It’s one to be savored throughout all your writing endeavors no matter in which genre you write: nonfiction, life story,

  2. I think this is a smashingly good book, but then I’m seriously prejudiced — I wrote it! My fondest hope is that you will find tips, reminders, and inspiration to spice up your writing, whether you are on the bottom of the learning curve or a master writer with multiple volumes to your credit.

    Read it all at once, or pick and choose like you do with fine chocolates. Reading in small bites and working through the exercises should be both fun and instructive.

    Write with passion and joy, and may al

  3. I think it is pretty safe to say that it is not often that I find myself without words, but after reading this, that is exactly what happened. Have you ever seen someone doing their daily job and thought “this person was meant to do this?” This is now how I feel about Sharon Lippincott. There is no question in my mind that she was meant to do this. Her writing is insightful, balanced and beautifully arranged so that there is no struggling to understand her meaning or benefit from the advice.

    I w

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