5 thoughts on “The Healer (O’Malley #5)

  1. Oh, Rachel, how I love you. Strong and together. And Cole. I haven’t read this book in at least 5 year, but I still have fond memories of certain scenes. Flooded driveways. Middle names. Sorry. I’m rambling, not reviewing, now.

    I loved this series as a teenager. The self-made family. And Rachel was a favorite. Rachel. Marcus. Lisa.
    Stephen, Jack, and Kate were great too. And Sara. But Rachel has my heart. Now I want to go back and read her again.

    Anyway, Rachel’s story is a hard one. The losing n

  2. This was one of my favorite books in the O’Malley series (perhaps because I identify most with Rachel’s character.) It is gratifying to see the character grow, change, and develop.

  3. This book… Yeah, I was tearing up at the end. If I wasn’t sick, I would have been crying. So good, yet it hurts so much. I am sad I only have one book left.

  4. I’m reading this all out of order. This was actually the first O’Malley book I picked up, and it was certainly a doozy. A school shooting, always tragic, and the resulting investigation while trying to deal with a family medical issue puts ever-more stress on Rachel. The self-built O’Malley family pulls together when needed, watching over each other professionally as well as in their private lives, but something may give if she can’t.

  5. I adored this book. So many emotions running through it! The O’Malley’s are one of my favorite fictional families ever. I love how the siblings relate to one another, and how they all stand behind each other.
    One thing I didn’t quite understand…perhaps those who have read it would know. 😉 (view spoiler)[ Was the shooting from the beginning of the book ever solved? And the school shooting? I read through it twice, yet I couldn’t figure it out. (hide spoiler)]

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