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  1. I was given a Kindle.
    I went a bit crazy.
    And now I’ve calmed down.

    Kindle gives you the freedom to download books anywhere at any time. This is like a gift from the digital book gods. It is also a huge curse if you actually have a job, keep a schedule and generally need to get on with the day to day process of living. It is hard to drive while holding a Kindle (probably definitely illegal too), it is also hard to bath, cook, write, eat and make sweet, sweet love. I’ve tried all of these while hold

  2. The Halo Revelations is a fast-paced intellectual thriller which poses many wild questions, chief amongst them: what if the entire history of civilization has been diverted, influenced and guided by aliens? The story follows Henry, teenage son of an archaeologist who’s been missing for ten years. The body has recently been found and a belated funeral service is planned, yet the occasion provides no closure when Henry discovers a mysterious artifact his father found before vanishing. On the scene

  3. I am acquainted with J.S. Colley through social networking, and was privileged to be a beta reader of this manuscript. She is also the most recent writer to have been invited to be a Booksquawk contributor. Neither of these facts should be taken as an admission that the following review is biased; I strive to be objective when I write reviews for the books of people I know.

    The Halo Revelations is an intellectual thriller that blends fact and fiction on a grander scale than the works of Dan Brown

  4. Well, this is my first review. Might not be another one for some time as golf season is here.

    This book was on the Kindle my wife gave me. I usually like anything the wife suggests and I did enjoy this read.

    The story centers around an object that might prove aliens visited earth in the ancient past. The son of the archaelogist who found the object goes on a quest to find out if it is real or fake. Along the way, SETI becomes involved.

    Some of the theories seem a little far-fetched but, when you

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