5 thoughts on “The Great American Wolf

  1. This book aptly portrayed how unseemly, abominable, exhausting, and downright ludicrous the “wolf wars” really were. It showed how hypocritical humans are, and how destructive we can be in our ignorance and apathy. A truly inspiring, disillusioning book.

  2. This book is an excellently researched history of wolves in America with tons of quotes and facts, but it is particularly impressive how well the author captures the mood of the times and the different points of view of humans regarding wolves. Wolf lovers should be warned, though, that he describes the killing of wolves in detail as well, which is the main reason I can’t say that I really enjoyed reading the book sometimes. All the same, a very good book for those who want to know more about wo

  3. A well researched history of wolves in North America but with disturbing detail of humans changing from respecting the wolf to destroying them. I started and stopped the book several times before finally finishing it. As an animal lover, it is intriguing and frustrating. Wolves are beautiful animals. We have invaded their territory and we cannot expect them to stay in a certain area to be controlled by wildlife mgmt. I appreciate places such as the Wolf Conservatory in NY and Wolf Hollow in Ipsw

  4. There is so much historical detail in this book, which helps to place the plight of the wolf in a proper light today. Certainly wolves and other natural predators are in need of advocates, access to their prey, and adequate habitat.

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