5 thoughts on “The Genomics Age

  1. This book gave an overview of how far the science community has come in regards to biotechnology and in specific, DNA technology. It also touched on the implications that are begining to arise in the area of bioethics. I had hoped this would be more of an ethics piece than an introduction to molecular biology book, but it failed to do so. Half the book was spent reviewing basic biology (which most people with a high school education would know the gist of) and left out interesting details I was

  2. Easy-to-read book that should engage those starting to enjoy the subject of genomics. Covers ABC’s painlessly then delves into some of the more important changes genomics has and can have. I hadn’t read Gina Smith before but now am tempted to give another of her books a try due to the supreme clarity she wrote this with. If that sounds like an affiliation with the author it ain’t just appreciation for everybody participating in science/technology and able to bridge the laymen gap so well. Readin

  3. This is a very readable introduction to genetics and applications in medicine and technology. Certain features were distracting, such as random quotes, and Smith waters the information down a little too much in her quest to make the information understandable to all. A more in depth look at how DNA actually works would have allowed her to delve a little deeper into certain key issues.

  4. A good general introduction to genomics and technology coming from molecular biology. A little too general though. More scientific detail would have made it more satisfying.

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