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  1. “The Gems of EL: Beginnings” is the vanguard book of Mr. Mays. It’s a good story; very character driven. If you like high fantasy with magic, multiple races and lots of action, then I strongly recommend this book. If you’ve ever played D&D/GURPS/Pathfinder, then I still strongly recommend this book.

    There are some typos, but they are not distracting from the story, and is a minor point, that, if I were more polite or couth, I wouldn’t even mention.

    The second and third books of the series are

  2. This is sure to become a classic Fantasy Epic along the same lines as The Lord of the Rings. It has all of the elements of a great action adventure, the heroes, the love story, the evil wizard and the monsters … who could ask for anything more? The characters are interesting and the story is entertaining. Looking forward to the next installment.

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