5 thoughts on “The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide

  1. I only read the no-limit hold-em stuff. But anyway, I found a lot of interesting ideas (and I think my favorite part of the whole proceedings was when the guys would contradict each other). 🙂

  2. Michael Craig (ed.), The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition (Grand Central, 2007)

    “Comprehensive” is not the way to describe this book, but I’m not entirely sure what is. Why is it that so many poker books are so… imposing? This isn’t quite the doorstop the two Super/Systemofferings are, but it certainly aspires– well over four hundred pages. As with those two books, this one contains a number of chapters contributed by a number of different high-profile poker stars, among them

  3. Good and bad for the same reasons … good because it offers a variety of opinions from numerous players. I found it particularly interesting to compare the strategies that they offer for slightly different games, such as no-limit tournament and no-limit cash … this multiplicity of voices also makes it bad … there so much variance in the tones, styles, and argumentative depth of the different players that it’s disconcerting and annoying. One player (Lederer) offers very careful, thoughtful,

  4. In any collection written by many authors such as this there will be stronger and weaker entries. As a player primarily interested in Texas hold em some of the chapters on Omaha and Razz were of less interest to me. Overall though it’s good to get different perspectives on play styles from a number of different voices.

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