0 thoughts on “The Forsaken World (Les Naufragés d’Ythaq, #1-3)

  1. Review for the entire first story arch, spanning books 1-9.

    I really wanted to like this series. Lush french artwork with influences from Manga and Joe Madureira with rich world building and sci-fi and fantasy merging.

    The art also gets better with every book-the last book number 9 looks dimensions better than the first. Better camera angels, fluid motion of characters, finer details, and more knowledge about anatomy and environmental drawing make this a journey of one artist learning his craft a

  2. Set in a rich, well crafted sci-fi setting, I just couldn’t get past how transparent the character were. The three main characters were cut from cookie cutter stereotypes and form a predictable, uninteresting love triangle. Girl A is an an-always-in-charge bossy-pants who is love with the Boy. The Boy is a klutz who is love with Girl B. Girl B is a shallow rich girl who chases after Girl A. No one is attracted to the person who is attracted to them. This ultimately made for a pretty weak plot, e

  3. For older teens, there’s a little nudity, but you see racier in superhero comic books. It’s funny and exciting and beautifully drawn. Three people from a crashed space luxury liner-2 crew, one spoiled passenger, crash land on a planet full of mysteries and just want to get home. First in a series.

  4. I really liked this comic! There’s a new, interesting and well developed world with it’s mysterious origins and powers it gifts to some. All the characters in this comic seem to have an agenda of their own. They all also have many different sides – for example selfish and materialistic Callista is also cunning and can think swiftly. As a woman, I think that important women are always a plus, and this book has plenty of those. Add gorgeous drawing and I can’t wait to read the next volume!

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