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  1. Reviewed by Dianna Geers for TeensReadToo.com

    Stanley is a boy who certainly handles the unexpected. In the first book of this four-book collection, FLAT STANLEY, Stanley is suddenly flattened when a bulletin board lands on him. His worried parents take him to the doctor who says everything is fine. Instead of Stanley being discouraged by his situation, he discovers some perks that come with being flat. He’s able to fly like a kite, go to California in an envelope, and even help catch thieves. Ho

  2. Title Flat Stanley
    Author: Jeff Brown
    Illustrator: Scott Nash
    Genre: Traditional Chapter Book
    Theme(s): Family, Adventures, being unique
    Opening line/sentence: Breakfast is ready.
    Brief Book Summary: After a bulletin board calls on Stanley and he becomes as flat as a board, he is able to do things that he could never do before. He goes on lots of new adventures and enjoys his new body. Later he realizes that he wants to go back to his old body so his brother helps him return to his normal body.

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