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  1. L Sprague De Camp will never go down in history as a literary great, but he’s never written a boring novel either, and hardly ever one that wasn’t damn good fun. The Fallible Fiend is one of his best standalone works, a satirical swashbuckler with a plane-walking demon as the main character. De Camp’s on top form here; the plot flies along, the laughs come thick and fast. The characters, a rumbustious procession of rogues and grotesques, never fail to entertain. De Camp also has room to squeeze

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    The odd story of an indentured demon that reminded me a bit of Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis). I picked up this little gem in a used book store and immediately fell into it.

    The first half of this small book is entertaining, darkly comedic, and quick. The voice of the author is fantastic oft using archaic wording.

    It thickens a little in the middle and muddles around a bit.

    We get some vague descriptions of the world in a slightly boring s

  3. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Stuff I Read – The Fallible Fiend by L Sprague de Camp Review

    So kind of cheating here, because I was supposed to be reading Ursula K LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness next as part of my continuing efforts to read more female writers, but I got this book for Halloween and it’s very short and looked funny and so I’m sorry. In any event, this is (according to the internets) the third book in Camp’s series in Novaria, but really I don’t think it’s much of a proper “series,” as this is a stand alone boo

  4. L. Sprague De Camp is famous for his numerous light fantasy novels. They are sort of the potato chips of fantasy lit, tasty but not particularly filling. This is one of his lesser works. It is told from the viewpoint of a “fiend” summoned to an Conan-esque world. The gimmick is that fiends aren’t evil demons, but beings from a metal-poor alternate reality who are leased into temporary service in exchange for iron. This particular fiend is a philosopher in his own reality. The mild humor of the b

  5. This book was mildly amusing, but just didn’t stick with me. So much of it was either bad puns or attempted humor gone awry and it just didn’t work for me. It’s one virtue was that it was very short.

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