5 thoughts on “The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian

  1. The essays in this book, 50 (short ones) in all, offer something for every reader: culture hounds, music aficionados, foodies, film enthusiasts, and political history buffs. Some are playful in nature, some are a little pedantic, but all are laced with Hungarian pride. While the book could be interesting for someone who needs a survey course in Hungarian culture, it exhibited the following issues:

    1) Unabashed, and sometimes boastful, sexism. The essay about poets indicates that most well-known H

  2. This book is a collection of 50 short essays on various topics (origins, history, arts, sciences, products, and entertainment) as they relate to Hungary and Hungarian-ness. There isn’t a great deal of depth to most of the essays, and so this isn’t the book for someone who is well-acquainted with Hungary and Hungarians and wants a deep level understanding. However, it would be a very useful and easily digested resource for travelers visiting Hungary who want insight into this smallish nation with

  3. The cover is more amusing than the contents, which is not to say they aren’t useful. It’s best to use as a reference or place by your Porcelain Goddess library, where you will find the brief entries just right while you sit. It is so difficult to find any good material in English on Hungarians that it remains an essential on my bookshelf while I write about my Hungarian ancestors.

    The uneveness other reviewers mention is due to twelve different writers. As they note, put three Hungarians in a roo

  4. Started reading during the summer but I am not making any real progress with this one. Unfortunately the content is not as exciting as promising as the title or the cover. The short essays are ok to read, but they are not interesting or revealing at all. There are way too many references to historical or literary figures without giving any background information of who they were and after all you never really understand whom these essays are addressed to: native Hungarians, who will get the refe

  5. I read this book while traveling in Hungary. I already knew a lot about Hungarians and their history and culture and this book confirmed or added to my understanding. I enjoyed the short essay format of the book very much. A great book to learn more about the Magyars.

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