5 thoughts on “The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism

  1. In recent years, Evangelicalism has seen a number of challenges to the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture. Chief among these have been new insights into the cultural and historical background of the Old Testament provided by newly found ancient Near Eastern sources (ANE for short). A recent turmoil was raised by a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary named Peter Enns who published a controversial book Inspiration and Incarnation. Eventually he was deemed to have violated the Westmin

  2. This is a good defense of the doctrine of inerrancy against some of the major contemporary rejections of that doctrine. Beale engages Peter Enns’ Incarnation & Inspiration for the first few chapters. This covers, in part, the nature of myth and whether the biblical authors could think they were relaying the truth while they were relaying myth yet still have an intelligible concept of inerrancy, the ANE concept of history, science, and truth, and how the New Testament uses the old. Beale then

  3. Overall, this was a very weak response to Enns. Beale’s use of prior journal articles, his summary of Enns responses instead of actually re-printing them and fairly random supplemental chapters make this book feel very thrown together and a very weak piece of scholarship. If Enns is important enough to write a full book about, he should be important enough to actually write a decent book about. Instead, this book seems to be exactly the type of book that Christian Smith wrote Bible Made Impossib

  4. The first four chapters of the book are related to a debate Beale had with Enns through some journal articles. The first problem with this is that only Beale’s articles were reproduced en toto. Enns’ response to Beale were simply summarized by one of Beale’s research assistants. The second problem is that the 1st 4 chapters become highly repetitive because each author accuses the other of not answering questions, mis-understanding, etc. etc. It gets tiresome to read that over and over and then r

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