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  1. Focusing on three unspeakably evil things happening on a massive scale in Africa (genocide, rape, and child conscription), Mr. Prendergast and Mr. Cheadle highlight “Upstanders,” people who are making a difference. These Upstanders include American celebrities as well as practically anonymous individuals in Congo or Uganda. They are students and journalists, politicians and activists, actors and medical professionals, who refused to wring their hands over the atrocities and turn away. They decid

  2. The authors trace the history of war crimes and war tactics in eastern and central Africa. The text describes how individual can reach the point where they feel “enough is enough” and are compelled to take action.

    Situations selected to illustrate Africans’ plight include genocide in Darfur, child abductions to create soldiers or sex slaves, and the use of rape as a weapon of war. Descriptions of these situations portray the darkest and basest human behavior and may be distressing even for adult

  3. The personal reflection that really lingers with me is Ben Affleck’s observation that Africans know how to fish, there just aren’t any fish in the pond. That’s in the context of the famous saying “if you give a man a fish…” by the way, because on its own it sounds kind of weird.

  4. What at first seems to be a rather vague yet inspiring (or awakening) overview of the human rights issues in Africa, turns out to be a well researched, thorough coverage of the situation. Prendergast also provides excellent thoughts on the action that is needed.

    Read this book!

  5. This book is a really great source for information on conflict in Africa (specifically rape as a weapon of war in the Congo, child soldiers, and conflict minerals). Though I knew much of the included information the format of the book made it interesting and touching.

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