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  1. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina put me in the mood to ponder how prepared I am — not to mention my community — for a natural disaster. But, in the Pacific Northwest, natural disasters are thankfully few and far between.
    Oh, sure, there’s the occasional minor flood or volcano. And apparently, we’re in prime time for an earthquake. But nothing really scares me like a pandemic of avian influenza. The Devil’s Flu, by Pete Davies did nothing to alleviate my fears.
    This story of the science and p

  2. My great grandmother died in the 1918 Flu Epidemic and I have always been interested in it as a result. Book was interesting in how it discussed historical flu and current flu isues. Very scientific and I’m not (wish I was) but the author took time to explain many of the scientific concepts discussed and used easy to understand analagies. Also, not overly lengthy but there are a few parts where he could have been more concise.

  3. This book is about the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. It discusses the epidemic and how it spread. It talks about the microbiology of the influenza virus. It also discusses the modern search for remnants of the virus. Some researchers found it in old tissue samples and by digging up graves of people who died of the disease in the arctic.

  4. The data was SO intriguing – the writing, was a bit stunted. Sometimes the author dwelt on certain researchers’ qualities a bit much and the story stalled.
    I was reading for data content and timelines. It met my needs!

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