4 thoughts on “The Crude, Unpleasant Age of Pirates

  1. This is a fun little book about how things really were for pirates back in the 1700’s. It has a nice timeline of important events in the front and then walks the reader through all of the important aspects of life on a pirate ship. Including what they ate and what they did.

    I chose to pair it with the book Pirate School by Cathy East Dubowski and Mark Dubowski, this is a cute little book about a boy who goes to a pirate school. I felt it paired well with the nonfiction book because after reading

  2. From cramped quarters and salty, rotten food to bloody battles and deadly storms at sea, life aboard a pirate ship was downright unpleasant. Get ready to explore the nasty side of pirate life.
    This was a fun way to get the facts.

  3. For young readers who enjoy reading about pirates, this is a nice quick read. Vague illustrations show how pirates lived and battled back in the day. An okay resource book but there are better out there.

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