5 thoughts on “The Crippled Angel (The Crucible, #3)

  1. The final page-turning installment of The Crucible series, The Crippled Angel, sees Thomas Neville, former Dominican, warrior and now King Henry’s (Hal’s) confidant and conscience, forced to make the choice that will change the world. Understanding what he is and what’s expected of him, the role he has no choice but to play, Neville nonetheless struggles with his morals and what he believes he must do, procrastinating endlessly! Despite the apparent wickedness of the angels and deception of thos

  2. This book had a lot going for it. The characters were enjoyable in both “good” and “evil” camps, and the story interesting as it progressed. But throughout the series, the religious themes were a little bit too shallow (both in the depiction of religion at the time, and in general) as well as a bit overbearing and heavy handed. In the end, there was a fairly contradictory message which didn’t jell all that well in an otherwise well laid out story. Overall, it was as good a read as the second boo

  3. I stayed up past my bedtime reading this book because the ending to it was so good. In this book, Thomas Neville faces his destiny. How will he save his friends from the angels and make sure also that evil, misguided as it is, does not conquer good? or is there even a way? This is a book you can’t miss if you like high fantasy combined with parallel universe worlds.

  4. Okay, so Thomas’ dilemma of having to give his soul on a platter to a prostitute gets a *wee* bit irritating when everyone keeps harping, agonizing, and dithering about it in just about every single chapter!

    … but apart from that, this book is a very interesting end to a great series.

    I must say I felt a bit guilty about being party to the premise of Archangel Michael and the other angels being nothing but cruel petty arrogant beings, and surprisingly, this is what had me holding back from thoro

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