5 thoughts on “The Creative Economy

  1. This book is a must-read for anyone whose business or career involves creativity. It’s a validation of your value. Mr Howkin’s research has unearthed many interesting facts and examples that illustrate the importance of creativity and thinking jobs in the world today. His turnover figures for the various parts of the creative economy are a great reference point.

  2. One of the paragraphs in the book are Howkins’ 10 rules for success:

    + Invent yourself.
    + Put the priority on ideas, not on data.
    + Be nomadic.
    + Define yourself by your own (thinking) activities.
    + Learn Endlessly.
    + Exploit fame and celebrity.
    + Treat the virtual as real and vice versa.
    + Be kind.
    + Admire success, openly.
    + Be very ambitious.
    + Have fun.

    Yes, these are 11 rules. But you have to be able to break the rules occasionally.

    Howkins mentions that, apparantly, no one has yet been able

  3. A very interesting book, which gives you a nice overview of the creative markets such as arts, fashion, software, books, movies, etc. Also gives you nice introduction to copyright, trademark and patent laws. It’s somewhat non-linear, so very difficult to read in long stretches. Worth the read nevertheless.

  4. A good overview of the process of creation, management and protection of ideas with an eye on the developments in technology and media which affect the processes.

  5. Es un libro que introduce al mundo en cifras de los negocios creativos y de entretenimiento. Hace referencia a la importancia de proteger legalmente todos los trabajos y proyectos, y visualizar que en todos lados hay oportunidades.

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