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    And this is, basically, a book of illustrations–the story is just a background. If you like bears, especially of the “Boyds Bears” tradition, then you will probably enjoy this book which is all about how a family of bears prepare for Christmas. I appreciated that Conover included a wide variety of bears, from the traditional black and grizzly bears to cute koalas to some lesser-known bears such as the sun bear–there is a map on the inside cover showing where t

  2. This book earns most of its stars because of the adorable illustrations! And for Conover’s use of various types of bears (polar, panda, grizzly, etc.).

    The story was cute enough, though I was a tad confused (upon reflection I’m wondering if this Mr. Bear was the Bears’ Santa Claus? Hm… I should reread it with that in mind).

    Overall it was an enjoyable read, and even if it was nothing super memorable, it had a nice message of sharing and the spirit of Christmas.

  3. A family of bears (of all kinds) prepare for Christmas with baking, Caribou postal service, tree-trimming, toy-making and delivery – complete with a reindeer and sleigh.

    This book is characterized mostly by its remarkable illustrations, which truly steal the show. Though the text is sweetly rhymed, it is less memorable and only occurs on every other full-page spread. Since the painting is so enrapturing, some may not mind this. Personally, I feel that the flow of the story is disrupted when ther

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