5 thoughts on “The Celestial Steam Locomotive

  1. I first attempted to read this book in jr. high school, but couldn’t finish it. Not that the book wasn’t fascinating; instead, I found a number of themes and events in the book extremely disturbing (such as the character of The Girl being trapped in an adult-size baby-like body).

    However, even though I didn’t finish the book then it stayed in my mind while other novels I read in the 1980s were long forgotten. I recently reread the book and was floored. This is an amazing novel dealing with compl

  2. I have a hard time writing an unbiased review of this book, as it was a bit of a mind-fuck for me. My friends and I – way back in high school – came up with a story involving a ghost train through space, alien god-like creatures, and certain numbers. None of us had read this book – our ghost train was inspired by hearing one of the local trains pass/whistle from a fairly long distance away. Our numbers involved coincidences of certain numbers appearing in our lives. Had we found this book at tha

  3. A bright and dazzling little fantasy, the complexity of this book sneaks up on you. I found myself so entertained by the strange world physics, which might compare with a Piers Anthony world, and absorbed in the novelty of each setting, that when the end came it required an abstract synthesis in reader perception to get it. I think. But the book is so fun that it’s easy to not remember the exact details along the way – which leads to a problem at the end… it’s like having an entertaining profe

  4. The description above does not even remotely do justice to this amazing book! I read this 23 years ago and it and its sequel has remained a favorite, oft-reread book all this time. One of the most lovely and strangest books I’ve ever come across!

  5. this is an amazing story., but nobody knows it! clever and fun and intelligent. i refrence happentracks, and the ifalong and know one can share the joy of these ideas with me. so sad. i fell in love with them in high school and they are one of the few books that i love as much now as i did then. i haven’t outgrown them. plus, i can see ties to my favorite other novels, the dark tower. as was said of blaine the mono, “there are other world’s than these and that fucking train rolls through all of

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