2 thoughts on “The Case of the Stolen Scarab (Candlestone Inn Mystery, #1)

  1. This book tells the story of Nikki and Travis who move to the country with their two moms so that their moms can run a bed and breakfast type inn. Although it is nice to see literature for youth with the main characters having same sex parents, I have a few problems with this book.

    The first problem is that the book portrays a mystery with a lot of danger, and the children are 11 and 12 I believe, and although they are encouraged to not be involved, the encouragement is sort of wishy-washy. In th

  2. This was the first book I’ve read that was recommended to me by my 7 year old nephew, Thomas. I must say, he already has a great taste in books. It’s a fun tale about a brother and sister and their two moms (which is refreshing to see in a kid’s book) who buy a B&B and solve a mystery the first week it is open. I am excited to borrow the 2nd book in the series, and will keep my fingers crossed that more will be written by Ms. Garden!!!

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