4 thoughts on “The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes

  1. Rob Manuel is the guy who founded both B3ta and Sickipedia, two popular websites that are dedicated to an alternative sense of humour. Here, he collects the best jokes that his websites’ users have to offer, and they’re pretty funny even if they are also super offensive.

    But hell – I don’t have a problem with controversial jokes, as long as we accept that that’s what it is. If you can’t laugh and joke about some of the darker things about life on this planet then what exactly is the point?

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  2. The book are meant to be funny in an offensive way, but most of the jokes aren’t even offensive as it should be(Rude!). I feel like they’re holding back they best materials. If you want to create a joke that can make people feel guilty to laughs at, it’s best is not to holding back and don’t even apologies. Make it controversial.

    The only thing that offended me about this book is that it isn’t funny at all. The jokes are either dry, cringe worthy or weak at structure building.

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