5 thoughts on “The Bridge Of A Hundred Dragons

  1. 3.5 stars

    “Revolution isn’t war, it’s an expression of national freedom…I know what is seething beneath the surface of this country. When the time comes, the people will rise and take what is rightly theirs.”

    Major Mark Rawlings of the Royal Engineers is ordered to Shanghai to inspect the wreckage of a collapsed railroad bridge. On ship from Hong Kong, he *steps* on the foot of Alexandra (Alex) Mostyn, daughter of a wealthy Shanghai merchant and every inch a liberated woman of the 1920’s and th

  2. I received this book as a digital ARC from the publisher in return for an honest review.

    This is the story of Mark Rawlins and Alexandra Mostyn during the preceding years of the Chinese Civil War.

    Major Mark Rawlins belongs to the Royal Engineers and he is a heroic escapee from the Russian Civil War. He is assigned to a new mission in order to determine the cause of a collapsed railroad bridge and, as consequence, tp rebuild it.

    On the other hand, Alexandra, daughter of Garrard Mostyn head of a wea

  3. This novel has great potential but left me disappointed. It’s still an enjoyable read, but descends into being a rather trite romance with contrived language. When Darrell writes her action sequences, where men show great courage against all odds, she excels. She has proved in other stories, she can write romance and this book has the bones of a great romance novel. There’s room for great character development as a young girl realises that true strength is about more than defying convention. All

  4. Description: Shanghai, 1927.

    Major Mark Rawlings is sent to Shanghai to investigate the collapse of an isolated railway bridge.

    From the moment Alexandra Mostyn, aspiring painter and emancipated Bright Young Thing of 1920s Shanghai society, literally bumps into Major Rawlings, she starts to learn what it is to suffer.

    Mark is haunted by terrible memories of the Russian Civil War and of the beautiful woman he loved and lost.

    In Shanghai, he comes under extreme pressure from Alexandra’s ruthless fath

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