5 thoughts on “The Book That Dripped Blood

  1. Audio version. Very brief. Scary fun. All I could think was “you have to stroke the spine!” of the monstrous book. Funny sound effects made this seem like an old time radio show. Complete with villain, mysterious hero, and very strange happenings. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on but I’m going to enjoy the ride of this series.

  2. Hi my name is Noah and i’m going to tell you about this book. It is a wired but a good book. It is a small book so it is not to hard to read. i enjoyed the book a lot.

  3. Kind of gruesome. Like the magical book in The Neverending Story, but this time around you’ve got a murderous book with fur and teeth who likes to chomp on people. I’m thinking about the possibility of reading some of these books aloud around Halloween to the tween or so age group and incorporating a craft with them.

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