5 thoughts on “The Blue Room

  1. Ten scenes. Ten characters. Ten encounters.

    David Hare’s The Blue Room is a quiet, intimate look at sex and relationships. Characters move through scenes, exchanging sexual partners in a dance that captures the fleeting, and mostly hopeless, nature of romance and sexual attraction.

    It’s a simple play. There is not much meat there in terms of action or dialogue. And yet, it’s a moving play. It examines how each of us is more than one person; we present different selves when faced with new partners

  2. I’ve read “La Ronde” … and I wanted to see what David Hare’s translation/interpretation of this text was like. Interesting that Nicole Kidman played the woman in the NY production.

    I liked the structure — and the question of whether it is performed with 1M/1W or 5M/5W. I like the language of the characters and would use it in class…except for the sex. Yeah.

  3. David Hare’s an excellent playwrite and I’ve enjoyed his version of La Ronde. I’ve been asked to direct this for a local theatre company, and it might be interesting to do. One Man, One Woman in 10 different scenes. Just can’t imagine how to do it….

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