2 thoughts on “The Berenstain Bears and the Little Lost Cub

  1. Let me start off by saying I am a huge Berenstain Bear fan. I am not sure on what I think of this new book. There is a bit of religion in this book. Which is a red flag for me. Some people may be offended.

    A cub gets lost. Thanks to the Good Deed Scouts, they help reunite him with his mother. ( I kept wondering where is this mother, on vacation? It takes her far too long to find her cub. )

    This is marked by the publisher as a Level 1, Beginning Reading Book. I disagree. It is much to hard for a l

  2. Another one in the The Berenstain Bears’ Good Deed Scouts to the Rescue 3-in-1. In their search for a good deed to do they come across a little lost cub. They see to it he is taken to the police station and then get flyers and search for the mother. Its an interesting reader to prompt discussion on what to do in lost situations.

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