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  1. This is a good overview of US Naval operations in the Pacific from the time Nimitz takes command of the Pacific Fleet in December of ’41 thru the Battle of Midway.

    Dr. Symonds does a good job of laying out the problems Nimitz had with both the Japanese and dealing with Adm King and the Washington establishment and how he dealt with them.

    I felt the author has a reader friendly writing style and I was never bored or felt that he was overwhelming me with detail. At the same time, he does not gloss

  2. Disclaimer: I have never found the study of history to be entertaining. Thus I am embarrassingly ignorant about anything historical. I came into this book with no background on the battle of Midway, the war in the Pacific, or, to a large extent, WWII (sad, I know. I’m working on it).

    * Symonds does a great job of providing the background and the lead up to the battle itself. So while things didn’t really get exciting until about half-way through (the battle of the Coral Sea), it wasn’t a t

  3. Excellent military history of the Battle of Midway. Author avoids the trap of taking sides, doesn’t call U.S. victory a “miracle,”‘ doesn’t say we won because of democracy or being braver than the Japanese. Just a straightforward analysis of a military battle in which one side had radar (US), one side had advanced warning of the other side’s intentions thanks to code breaking (US), one side was dropping 1,000-pound bombs vs. one side that had 500-pound bombs, etc. Extremely detailed analysis of

  4. The Battle of Midway by Craig Symonds is an excellent addition to the Pivotal Moments in American History series. This book provides a critical look at the time between Pearl Harbor and just after the Battle of Midway where America was finding its way against the combined fleet of the Japanese Navy. The book includes a discussion of Pearl Harbor and its impact on naval operations as well as the Doolittle raid that followed. Some time is spent on the Battle of the Coral Sea as well as the victori

  5. I almost skipped over this book as over the years I have read so many books about the Battle of Midway; I thought to myself do I want to read another book on this subject. I am glad I did decide to read this book as I learned more about the battle from it.

    Midway was a pivotal battle of WWII. Symond is a professor emeritus from the U. S. Naval Academy.
    Many historians including Symonds have compared the Battle of Midway to that of Lord Nelson’s win at the Battle of Trafalgar. The comparison is ap

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