5 thoughts on “The Balkan Escape (Cotton Malone, #5.5)

  1. Short & pointless as a stand alone story. The afterword says it introduces a character & motivation for the next book. Didn’t make me want to read it. The writing isn’t bad, so I plan to look for the first book of the series.

  2. A prequel to The Emperor’s Tomb which gives you background story of Cassiopeia Vitt and Lev Sokolo, who I guess play a large role in that book. I just thought why the need for a 30 pager, which could have been the prologue of TET…it’s like the publishers just wanted to make more money!!!!

    Despite that, I love anything about Cassiopeia, Cotton Malone’s friend and who is one of my favourite characters in this series and I did love seeing her kick ass with the bad guys.

  3. A very short and not that great of a novella. Revolves around Cassiopeia Vitt and her exploration of an ancient tomb. Once in the tomb she runs into some Russian operatives that have come across some uranium. I wouldn’t recommend this story story unless you feel the need to read all of the Cotton Malone series. Especially because Cotton isn’t even in this book

  4. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I love Cassiopeia Vitt. She’s smart and awesome and kick-butt and completely amazing, but really? I know it’s supposed to be a short story, but twenty pages is short even for this. And even though it was only one or two dollars as a Nook book, it was so pointless it wasn’t even worth it.
    When the story opens Cassiopeia has been captured. You get a little bit of why, but not really enough. Then she talks to the captors, tries to escape, gets stuck, gets rescued by a scientist, and walks out, with

  5. This is a very short story that is a prequel to The Emperor’s Tomb. It also has a preview of The Emperor’s Tomb.

    I was kind of disappointed that so much of this was the preview rather than the short story. That being said, it does explain the background between Cassiopeia Vitt and Lev Sokolov. It’s well-written and definitely whets your appetite for more.

    If you’re a diehard fan, you’ll want to read it.

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