3 thoughts on “The Anglo-Scots Wars, 1513-1550

  1. Superb book on england and scotland at war in the 16th century.
    Both sides were not backward … the english used mass artillery at pinkie , combined arms and amphibious assaults
    The scots used pike blocks arquebus and both sides employed mercenaries galore.
    This was not a mediaeval war of mobs as i had previously thought

  2. If you are at all interested in the ongoing war between the English and Scots during Henry VIII’s reign and the short reigns of his two children, Edward and Mary, then this book is an absolute must-read. No other book explains the battles (including the infamous battles of Flodden, Solway Moss and Pinkie Cleuch) in such detail. This book and The Rough Wooings by Marcus Merriman are easily the most comprehensive and useful in terms of grasping the complicated family politics that dominated relati

  3. A fine study of Anglo-Scottish warfare during the first half of the sixteenth century. This book offers an excellent insight into the changing nature of warfare at this time, as well as providing a clear account of the various campaigns. Highly recommended to anybody with an interest in late medieval or early modern military history.

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