5 thoughts on “The All-New Batman

  1. This was the first comic I’ve ever read as an adult (possibly ever) and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The graphics were eye catching and the stories were interesting enough to keep me reading but tame enough I could read this with my kids. Maybe this is with all comics but I really liked that it had multiple short stories that I could read to my kids before bed. I never thought I would say this but I think I’m a new comic book fan. I will definitely be looking for more comic books like thi

  2. This book collects Issues 7-12 of the All New Batman Brave and the Bold Comic.

    Issue 7 “Shadow’s Light” features Batman, when he sees the Teen Titans, flashing back to a moment early in his career, when he dressed much like the Batman of Batman: The New Animated Series and believed being grim and gritty was what it took to make in the hero biz. The Golden Age Flash teaches him better. This is actually a fun story that takes a look at Brave and the Bold Batman’s background and what made him a diff

  3. i loved this comic, i think the story line was interesting, the graphics were great and i will recomend this read to others who love ths type of read. i won this great comic on good reads. and it has open up another type of reading for me…

  4. This is a kid friendly series that teams Batman with other heroes from the DC universe. The stories are episodic, so each story is only about 20 pages long, which makes it easy to pick up and put down, especially if you are reading it to children. The art and colors are attractive. I like that this series brings out obscure characters as well a famous ones. The best story in this book deals with a henchman who moves from gang to gang as Batman busts up his operations. The stories are pretty simp

  5. Received this as a Good Reads first read. I have to admit I am a sucker for a campy looking comic/graphic novel and I feel this meets that criteria. While reading through this last night, I appreciated the route that DC Comics has taken with this series. I got the same feeling as having leafed through a comic from golden era. The artwork comes off in true comic book fashion where perfection was not key but rather creating an element of an era long gone that doesnt have to revolve around realism.

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