5 thoughts on “The Acorn Principle

  1. This book had some great insight and I really appreciated how it discussed knowing your background and the importance of knowing your learning style. That being said, it seems a bit repetitive and seemed to recycle some of the same ideas over and over.

  2. I love learning about different personalities and how to better relate to people that are different then I. This is a great book to understand yourself and others better.

  3. The book show you more than yourself. It make me see more connections than I thought it would do. Now I see that I was forgetting too many things and I have much more room to grow.

  4. Self-awareness knowing your nature, your abilities, and how you react to people and situations may well be the greatest life management skill you can have. The Acorn Principle is a guide to doing a complete “life checkup” that will help you pinpoint your talents and strengths. Nurturing those strengths is the key to the success you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to attain. By reading this book and doing the simple exercises, you’ll learn things about yourself that you and most people don’t

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