5 thoughts on “That’s When I’m Happy

  1. Synopsis: “This classic picture book tells the story of a little bear and his family and the heartwarming adventures they have together. Little readers will love this gentle story with charming pictures, soothing text, and imaginative plot, and parents will love reading along with their children. Ideal for children just learning to read.”

    My Review: This is a really cute book. I particularly loved how what made the bear happy was nothing special, just simple things like a leaf, looking at the sta

  2. One of the most tender and sentimental books I have read in a long time.

    Little Bear doesn’t like to be unhappy. In fact he is happy most of the time. But when he feels blue, these are the things he likes to do to get rid of that “down” feeling.

    1. He enjoys playing soccer in the leaves with his Daddy…

    2. When his Mother and he exchange great big hugs, tickles, and kisses…

    3. When his Father and he are looking at all the stars in the sky…

    4. When his Mother reads his favorite bedtime story to h

  3. I am absolutely in love with this book. After all I chose it for my story book showcase. It has realistic expectations and a happy vibe. It allows children to relate and express what makes them happy in life.

    Beth Shoshan was born in Brighton. She never seemed destined to be a children’s writer, after all she had failed English Composition. But everything changed when she was challenged by Meadowside to write the most inappropriate children’s book imaginable – it should contain sweets, explosions

  4. This book tells of things a little bear enjoys doing with his parents. The activities are simple and sweet and the illustrations are cute and fuzzy–but I can’t figure out how the first page fits with the rest of the book. (It states that some days the bear is happy and other days s/he’s not–but s/he tries to find that happiness back. The rest of the book says nothing about overcoming sad days or trying to change one’s outlook, however, so that intro seems rather out-of-place.)

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