5 thoughts on “Tempest (Scribes of Medeisia, #2)

  1. My review for: Tempest by R.K. Ryals
    My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Shanna Roberson

    Where to start? I am seriously at a loss for words to describe what I just read. Nothing I could come up with could adequately capture the emotion Ms. Ryals has wrenched from me with these words. I have said it before, but R.K. Ryals is one of the greatest storytellers I have ever read. The world she has created in the Scribes of Medeisia universe is dark, fierce and beautiful. There is nothing else like it.

    Stone and K

  2. Wow!!! Great, Great story!!! Highly recommend!!!

    Stones saga continues. I just felt so much like I was in the story, part of this adventure as it unfolds. Truly one of the best stories I have read recently. Magic, love, war, tragedy and hope. Stone struggles against her destiny, the prophecy she learned while training as a scribe. She is a true reluctant heroine, tormented by loss and grief, but knows and comes to accept the difficult challenge she faces and the stakes couldn’t be higher. We have

  3. This book was still good, but it did lag in some parts. The author took a page out of George R.R. Martin’s book in terms of plot twist, but I wasn’t upset at the outcome. I do wish that Ryals gave the love story more time to develop instead of writing it so hastily however, I do applaud her for not using the clich├ęd love triangle to build extra tension in her series.

    Even though this particular book wasn’t free like the last one, I still stand by the fact that the Scribes of Medeisia series is a

  4. I was so excited (keyword being WAS) to get this book and read it, but after my emotions were just shot to hell I’m not sure anymore. Maybe I should start at the beginning my Kye, my sweet, sweet Kye, “if you trace anymore scars, Phoenix, I will come undone.” I love him there’s just no other words to describe how much I do, “it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want you to find out exactly how many scars I have.” His voice lowered. “It doesn’t mean that at all. “He tweaked the curl again. “I like it short

  5. What can I say that I haven’t already said about R.K. Ryals? I’ve been reading and reviewing her books since her debut and she never fails to capture and impress me. The story of Mediesia and its rebels continue, but this time the tone is much different. While the first book was filled with hope sprung from tragedy as the people of Mediesia began to gather to fight for change, this installment of the series focuses on the realities of war. I know a lot of people might have expected to end this b

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