3 thoughts on “Taking Charge

  1. I really enjoyed this book, especially the first eight chapters. It had a lot of great parenting advice.

    Some of my favorite…

    “We need to be noticed and loved just because we exist. By paying attention to children at neutral times, adults convey a sense of unconditional love.”

    “Corrections are not punishments. They are part of a step by step process of teaching the child to see the sense of behaving in certain ways.”

    “Act the first time you see the misbehavior.” This teaches them you mean what you

  2. Upon reading this I realized that really, my 2 year old is not that bad! It gave me some good ideas for being a better parent, but I didn’t do any in depth study or note taking. I think it’s a book that I will refer back to when I face different challenges at older ages as well.

  3. Wow, this book introduces concepts and strategies I have not encountered before, after 12 years as a parent and lots of reading on the subject! Fantastically clear writing, and compassion and respect for both adults and children. A wonderful resource.

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