2 thoughts on “Sweet Seduction

  1. Patricia Pellicane, herself, sums up her characters very nicely:

    Meg, like her husband, was headstrong and determined. Once she made up her mind, she set out to accomplish her plan, be it right or wrong.


    Meg and Tristan. Tristan and Meg. What can one say about these two? For starters Tristan is completely batshit crazy and thinks it’s completely within the realm of reasonable behavior to kidnap a gypsy girl right from her home and take her to America where she can live as his sex toy

  2. the dialogues were very well done…it was funny and cute how they have a love/hate relationship and it didn’t have many stupid misunderstandings…

    but, the ending seemed a bit awkward…but good pace for the plotline….

    I was confused as to how they fell in love with each other…It ‘s almost like love at first sight which seemed unrealistic to me…but overall, a good read with a solid 4 stars;)

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