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  1. Fucking piece of shit. And that’s what the book is GR Censor Police, if you’re wondering. This exemplifies what is wrong with the self publishing world. I don’t think anyone should have to pay for a book where the author clearly hasn’t paid attention in English class since the seventh grade. My dog is reviewing this one. Read my Frozen review if you want to know what that means.

    Okay full review from Patty can be found at one of the below links:

    Howdy YAL


  2. Sarah Mitchell has only known sadness since her parents death. Yet Sarah has one dream that she refuses to give up on to be a ballerina and dance Swan Lake. Sarah hides a secret from everyone she becomes a swan from dusk to dawn just like all of her family before her just like in Swan Lake. Sarah’s Uncle Victor allows Sarah to train as ballerina under one condition she must be done by five p.m. no matter what. Sarah agrees and thus is her life until she’s twenty-one years old. Meanwhile Daniel M

  3. I received a copy of read Swan Story by Priya Narendran from CLP Blog Tour as part of the blog tour. I previously read and reviewed for Priya Narendran’s Schoolgirl Cinderella. I was excited to see how Priya was going to turn another write fairy tale, modern style since I haven’t seen many Swan Lake fairy tales retelling around.

    Daniel Macgregor’s father gave him a ballet company as his present, hoping that he will learn to take responsibility. Daniel weren’t too keen of his father’s idea, but t

  4. 2.5 Stars!

    A nice read, but it fell flat for me which was a bit disappointing since it was once of those reads that I had high hopes for. The narration of the story was well written, but it seemed more appropriate for a movie rather than an ebook. Every time the focus on characters shifted I could easily picture it in my head as cut scenes in a movie. The third person narration also made me feel a little bit distant from the characters rather than feeling closer if it was in a first person POV.


  5. This is an interesting retelling of Swan Lake. It begins with Sara when she is a little girl wanting to be a ballet dancer. Of course she always had to be home before sunset. Then the story jumps forward to when she is an adult. She is a very good ballet dancer and plays the lead in the production of Swan Lake. Of course she meets a “prince” Daniel, who is from a wealthy family.

    I thought this was a nice retelling of a timeless classic. I also liked that Sara was descended from Odette, the origin

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