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  1. The title of this book is a little misleading – it implies that it’s a treatise on how-to with regard to disaster preparedness. In fact, only a single chapter of the book deals with this. The vast majority of the book is a fascinating look into the events leading up to and surrounding the US military’s efforts in preparing for and responding to Hurricane Katrina and to a lesser extent, Hurricane Rita which followed it. The basic gist of the message, however, is that the “table top” exercises use

  2. First of all, the title of this book is misleading. It is 95% about government preparedess, and only about 5% personal preparedness. So I was a bit dissapointed about that. The personal info it does give is good, but probably the same as you’d find in any other book.

    What this book really is, is the story of Gen. Russel Honore (one of the leading people- if not THE lead) on the ground durning the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It is his version of what happened, what went right, what went wrong,

  3. Let me start by saying that I wasn’t a fan of Lt. Gen. Russel Honore before I read this book, but now I am.

    I think any book that changes your preconceptions, or at least challenges them, is worth reading. As a National Guard officer, I was a little put-off by Honore’s high profile in the media during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He was an active duty Army officer and I knew that the majority of the troops responding on the ground were National Guard. Why wasn’t the Louisiana National Gua

  4. Not quite so good as I hope but still interesting. He does not blame anyone but the whole system of disaster preparedness. Also the fact so many people are not prepared for a disaster.

  5. The book is explaining all the process related to the Katrina hurricane recovery.

    So just to start with the title is misleading completely.
    First person book where the General explains how he dealt with all the issues that the hurricane created, from saving people to moving those blocked in the city to shelter.
    But it is so selfish!!
    The only thing I found interesting, probably for a foreign person like me, was all the mess of agencies and responsibilities and ownership issues that he had to deal wi

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