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  1. I first found this book on a lifelong quest to find the end to a comic story I read when I was like 9 years old. My 7-11 impulse buy left me hanging with the Flash in mortal danger from his arch-enemy, the Reverse-Flash, trapped in the 25th century while Supes & Flashier try to assist a time-traveler cross the barrier between end and beginning of the universe to save his race from a genocidal war that must be stopped!

    Funniest line in the book:
    “But I can still warn him…with Super Ventriloqu

  2. Collected here are the classic crossovers of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as more recent and lesser-known issues from the 90’s and 00’s, in which DC tried to settle the question of who is faster, Superman or Flash? It’s interesting to see how many different reasons writers could contrive to get the two to race around the world, across space, or even to the end of time itself, but the end result of this collection is roughly 200 pages of two guys running neck-in-neck with minor detours to rescue on

  3. A combination of the bad (the earliest story & the last stories) and the decent (the middle few).

    The early are far too obvious, while the latter try too hard to make them fit into the ongoing plot and give them reasons for existing. I make no secret that, to me, the best are the middle few, where there’s enough of an attempt to build a bigger plot than the “Supes & the Flash race” of the first, but still enough goofiness in general that it doesn’t seem too out of place.

  4. Harmless, goofy fun. Picked this up because it was cheap and I really was just curious to see who would win. Also, my four year old nephew is just starting to get into superheroes and he was asking me, just a week ago, if Flash really was faster than Superman. I plan to give him this book to get him hooked even more on this genre I love.

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