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  1. New York City has about 36,000 cops. All report to the same chain of command. Philadelphia is surrounded by counties divided into multiple municipalities, each having its own police force with different standards and operations.

    Schaffer uses that structure to examine two detectives in a small police force, Frank and Vic. Frank is coming back from leave having been shot and is assigned to work with Vic, an old-fashioned detective. He’s still in pain but Vic won’t let him have any narcotic pain-k

  2. Superbia by Bernard Schaffer is a super fast pasted, adrenaline laced story about the life of a cop.

    Frank O’Brian is a newbie in a relatively small town that basically only handles misdemeanors. After only being on the job for a few short years, he was injured in a robbery gone wrong arrest. When he got back from recovery, he was placed in the unit’s Detectives team… that consisted of just one lonely hard ass, Vic. Together Vic and Frank work on a few cases that come into the station… one a

  3. Superbia is a bit like an old fashioned amusement ride that dares you to sit back and take a tour of the dark side of police work–and of the human race itself. While much of the ride is amusing, you won’t forget that this is a horror-themed ride at its core. It’s a fast-paced journey with a well structured plot, likeable characters, and a few surprises lurking in its shadowy corridors. Recommended for mature readers who aren’t afraid to be exposed to the ugly side of human nature and witness th

  4. Superbia by Bernard Schaffer

    A cop and robbers book for the suburbs. The relationship between two cops, their department and the perpetrators they handled.

    The author claims authenticity in his story. Not necessarily in fact of the cases or people but in the feel of the circumstances.

    Schaffer made cops real live, fragile and strong people. Post traumatic stress doesn’t just plague those in the military but those who serve the public in many ways. I don’t know if Mr. Schaffer was proselytizating

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