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  1. Sometimes people don’t even know that they are missing something major in their lives; then something will happen that causes them to feel a need they’d not even acknowledged. In ‘Sunset Ridge’ by Carol Lynne, Grayson Connor thinks he’s leading a full life, running his horse breeding ranch and raising his sister’s child. But when he meets Jack ‘Ram’ Ramsdale, he realizes he was wrong. Being with Ram causes Gray to feel an emptiness he didn’t even know was there, and it takes him completely by su

  2. A nice story about Gray, a totally closeted cowboy and his new ranch manager Ram.
    It was a sweet story, but in the beginning the female character was so annoying I almost didn’t read on, thankfully she changed for the better.
    I would read a story aout Ben and Jesse if it comes out.

  3. I hoped, I really did that this book would be good one.

    But, No! Plot is to easy….. There is no attraction to feel between main couple and there is a lot of sexs, sexs, sexs.

    Plots are more then just sexs scenes. Someone like Carol Lynne should know that by now.

  4. From the blurb I thought it would take a little time for Gray to admit he wanted Ram so I was surprised that they were on each other like flies on… well you get the idea. Zero to sex in the barn in 60 minutes 🙂

    Liked the characters and the story. It could have used a little more depth… as in one minute Raleigh is a hater and then after one conversation with Ram she is all sweet and cooperative. But it wasn’t a long story, so guess we needed to infer the rest.

    Overall the story was enjoyable,

  5. The first half of the story wasnt that good. I almost didnt finish.

    The main characters are both likeable but just not believable. I just cant believe that two closeted cowboys (one is the boss who just hired the other as a manager) would jump in bed with each other. It was sex, sex, sex. I have no problem with hot sex in a book but i do like it when there is more depth in a story.

    Near the end the story did get better but it was to late for me.

    I just couldn’t get into this book. I’ve read better

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