5 thoughts on “Storms Over Africa

  1. First off, this is a romance with an African adventure thrown in. A fictional account of a man and his children who try to come to grips with the death of his wife, their mother. All three had their own way of getting on with life and emotional distance from each other creates a void in all of them. They live on a beautiful farm in Zimbabwe. A serious of events changes everything for them.

    Facts, fiction, history, cultures, and hot steamy romance are blended into a fantasy tale.

    Find in the story:

  2. I found this book at a book exchange while sailing in Fiji. That’s one of the greatest advantages of using a book exchange…you discover books and authors that you’ve never heard of. This is especially true in the South Pacific where people from all over the world trade in their books. Storms Over Africa was written by an Australian, who at age 26 traveled to Africa. What was meant to be a one year holiday turned in to Beverley Harper living 20 years in Africa.
    I really, really enjoyed this book

  3. The author’s insight into what makes Africa different set this book apart. The story is strong and really hots up towards the end. Expect to feel angry, sad, shocked and amazed.

  4. This turned out to be quite an enjoyable read. With the plot revolving around poaching and its consequences, I had to agree with Steve who believed that the only shooting of Africa’s magnificent animals should be done with a camera. Having seen many of the animals mentioned in this book last year on my own trip to Africa, I cannot support their senseless murder.

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