2 thoughts on “Stolen Stories

  1. How’s this for an opening line: “My friend Sadie was a bit of a closet cannibal, and that was why I introduced her to Herman in the first place.”

    A few can tend to be a little frivolous, and formally Katz isn’t really pushing himself too much, but when he’s on, here, he’s really on. The quote above is from the opening story, which captures the tone of the 70s nicely/weirdly as do many of these (they are less dated than effective in painting a time), while the closing title story, an interwoeven p

  2. For the long title story, which falls somewhere between memoir, metafiction, and experimental narrative. It’s a companion piece to Russell Bank’s ‘Book of Jamaica’ which recounts the same experience on the island with the same cast of characters. But Katz’s magpie collection of lifted moments proves far more valuable than Banks’ museum of memories.

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