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  1. What can I say… I love it. And hate it. Standish is a book that once you start reading it, you can put it down, but it’s also a book not easy to love. It’s dark, hard, absolutely not about handsome men in frilly dresses who fall in love and easily walk together toward the sunset.

    I love Standish (the book) because Erastes makes me feel the emotions of Rafe, the main characters, and the joy of Ambrose, his lover.

    I hate Standish cause Erastes describes the real world, where the true love is nev

  2. That was one scary book and I loved it! So much angst, hate, violence and betrayal. So much love to go with it, too. I will be reading this one again pretty soon.
    Thanks for the rec, Sandra.

  3. This book is a good read if you are in the mood for an intense drama about love, sex and loss among a varied collection of gay men in 1820’s England. The book is fast paced and engrossing with impressively well-defined characters.

    The plot revolves around two men, one a naïve scholar named Ambrose and the other an emotionally damaged aristocrat named Rafe. While a love affair is at the heart of this story, it is not really a romance novel; the plot is much darker and complex. The protagonists ar

  4. The one thing I can say for this book is that it kept me reading it to the last page. However, I wasn’t satisfied by the end and tossed it down in a bit of a huff.

    I was trepidatious when I decided to read this book due to it being a historical. I always find that these stories can only end with a happy-for-now ending unless they fudge history a bit. Or are extremely clever. When Standish opens on the quintessential historical romance set-up and characters, I was relieved. I was going to be just

  5. I always love a book that makes me feel a whole spectrum of emotions and this novel did all that and more. This would be my fourth book of Erastes and she didn’t fail to deliver a quality historical romance of high caliber.

    Fair warning to my fellow readers who don’t want to read about cheating, rape, child abuse and graphic elements because this will be a very unpleasant experience if you’re not inclined to read such scenes. Having said that, I feel that without these painful elements, it would

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