4 thoughts on “Spell

  1. My favorite book ever is Once Upon a Winter’s Night by Dennis McKiernan, and this book is very similar to it, both in style of writing and foundation of plot. I normally get annoyed by having several tales weaved into one story but I thoroughly enjoyed all of them in this one. Loved the ending

  2. A slightly different take on fairytales than the other books Laura Briggs has written. Instead of focusing on one central fairytale this book weaves a number of similar tale types together. Some I recognized and some I didn’t, making me wonder if they were fiction or what traditions they came from. While you can certainly read this standalone without having read any others in the author’s series, it was nice having read First Bite first as some of the same themes and ideas were presented here, b

  3. My favorite out of all the DW series! A great twist of the beauty and the beast theme with witches. The story made me want to travel with Neel on his quest, which caused omg it ‘s what time moments. The sub stories are well crafted and there is investment in the characters. This book is much lighter in subject matter than the much darker First Bite. Great read! Looking forward to the next in the series.

  4. Just started reading the latest in The Dark Woods Trilogy Second Cycle – Spell. The first grouping consists of First Bite – The Wicked Queen’s Tale, Gingerbread House, and The Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice. There is also the prequel Snow White’s Knight Magic Mirror. Looking forward to reading the next set in the series! http://thedarkwoodsbooks.blogspot.com/

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