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  1. John Putnam Thatcher has to be the most passive protagonist in all of the mystery novels that I read. He is protagonist in the entire series of mystery novels by the “composite” author, Emma Lathen (composite in the sense that there were two collaborators working under this nom de plume), and has become the Executive Vice-President of the fictional Sloane Guaranty Trust by this point in the series. The advantage of this position is that it gives him enough seniority to be able to oversee whateve

  2. Who’d have thought of a Wall Street CEO as a crime solver? Emma Lathen, that’s who. Not surprising, I guess, since Emma is actually a pair of women who met at Harvard, pursued careers – one as a lawyer, the other an economist – and wrote books about John Thatcher, a man who uses his staff to investigate things.

    This time around, he’s investigating a murder at a start-up airline (this is set in the 1980s, when deregulation led to increased competition and a number of new airlines) that is countin

  3. Joint authors Mary Latsis and Martha Hennissart were businesswomen themselves, and one suspects that some of their personages satirised — mildly, or not so mildly — people they knew. This story of murder set at a small airline with an out-of-his-depth CEO seems to give more room for acerbic fun than most, with its numerous tangents and biting comments about incompetent executives kept afloat by their secretaries. The criminal puzzle is carefully crafted, with enough clues and hints to lead to

  4. Satisfying but rather dated. Who would imagine a series with a banker as the hero selling today. And a middle-aged one to boot.

    I did like the way John Thatcher is involved in solving the mystery. He doesn’t set out to solve it as that isn’t his job. He just goes about his job but is curious and clever so he (and his associates) figure it out. Much more realistic than the usual case when a civilian gets involved in a murder case.

  5. This murder mystery centers around an employee-owned small airline. The president and founder wants to expand to the West Coast, but many employees disagree because it will be very expensive. There’s a noisy meeting when the spokesperson for the employees, sort of a buffoon, goes off message. He’s later killed and suspicion falls on current and former higher-ups in the company. As usual, the characters are interesting, and Thatcher figures out whodunit.

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