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  1. Something happened was an alright book. It related to events that are very likely in high school so it was easy to relate to, but it never really caught my interest. When Billy lost his father, he did not think he would be able to be happy again. Then Billy meets his new English teacher, Miss. Gate. Billy feels the support Miss. Gate offers and they soon become friends. However, when Miss. Gate and Billy hangout, things start to happen. They start kissing and Miss. Gate takes Billy to her house.

  2. The book was fine. I feel as though the writing of the book was done well but the plot and the storyline and how it progressed was not brought to justice. I thought the book deserve 2 stars due to the fact that the actual climax of the book didn’t come in to play until the very end and I mean very end of the book, like last 20 pages end. As a senior in high school reading a young adult novel I recommend this book to someone in middle school or a young freshman in high school just to the fact tha

  3. Something Happened has been sitting in my TBR pile for ages now, and I’m not really sure why that is, since I always find this subject matter (teachers crossing over the line between right and wrong with a student) to be interesting, and I’m a big fan of Greg’s wife’s books (Lauren Baratz-Logsted). Though, sadly enough, when I recently did give this book a chance I wasn’t impressed, since, in all sincerity, when I think of Something Happened the only word that truly comes to mind is mediocre; no

  4. I really liked this book for taking on a tough subject and handling it in a great way-it’s detailed but not graphic. Billy is in middle school, which ups the ick factor of Miss Gate, but the author does a great job presenting the subject matter that I would have no problem giving this book to a seventh grader.

    I also really appreciated that this book was told from a male point of view. The reader is able to get into Billy’s mind and understand what it is about Miss Gate that interests him. I li

  5. I was looking for a good fun book to read as a Birthday treat to myself. I had borrowed this book from my Mom (she’s mentioned in the acknowledgements…I feel so famous!) and decided this was the lucky winner. I am so glad that I did! The author has a clear voice that I would imagine teenage boys can really relate to. The story grabbed me from page 1. Billy’s Dad has died and he is struggling to deal with this loss. His mother is busy with her work, and only his new English teacher seems to “ge

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