5 thoughts on “Sold and Seduced

  1. I feel like I have to warn readers about this book: it’s incredibly anticlimatic. I was expecting lots of anticipation and suspense and tension, but I didn’t get a lot of it. The description and previews looked very promising, but I don’t think it delivered.
    Normally, I love this author. She does thorough research in regards to the historical aspects of her books, which makes the whole thing seem more real. She does this in this book as well, but somehow it seemed more forced, and less natural t

  2. I’m finding myself at a loss as to what to write for a review. There are so many good things I could focus on. I could write an entire review on how much Lydia and Aro’s relationship has hidden depths that are a complete pleasure to the senses to discover. Their journey towards HEA captured my heart. I could write an entire review on how comfortable I was reading it even though it was in a time setting I’m not that familiar with. She made it all very real, very true to the time yet still I felt

  3. It was a nice book, but it wasn’t really fulfilling. Not saying these kind of books should be but I thought it would be more.

    The story.

    A young woman whom is running the household, Lydia, trying to keep her family from crumbling apart. Shes caught in a tough situation and chooses the morally right path. Unfortunately, every action has a reaction. This action has lead her to be married off to one of the most notoriously known intimidating men, the “Sea Wolf.” And on top of that he isn’t even an up

  4. Lectura rápida y fácil, lo termine en un par de horas.
    Ambienta muy bien el final de la República romana (o eso me pareció al no ser experta). Quizás las costumbres y relaciones no eran tan así, pero es más fácil identificarse con los personajes.
    Moraleja: la falta de comunicación siempre es la madre de todos los problemas.

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