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  1. I came into Grinnell College with a lot of advanced placement credit in English and History. Consequently, expecting to spend four years there, I spent the first two years only occasionally thinking about requirements, mostly taking what I was interested in. Since the war in Southeast Asia was on everyone’s mind and revolution seemed to be in the air, I mostly took courses that seemed interesting or at least politically relevant. This lead to several couses in the social sciences, seminars about

  2. It’s time more people started re-reading books on why we have a government, it’s purpose, rights and limits. I side with Locke over either Hume or Rousseau…especially over Hume. Bit of a tough read but lots of thought-provoking snippets.

  3. These particular writings of these particular minds laid the foundations of contemporary secular society, birthed from a logical and reasonable dissatisfaction with the religious world.

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