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  1. Haner’s story is his own of a dad pressed into service as a youth league soccer coach. The team turns out to have serious talent, so he has to step up his own game as a coach in order to keep up with the players, and in learning about the game, he uncovers the United States’ rich, forgotten, and unappreciated history of soccer.

    He skillfully interweaves his son’s story of success on the field with the story of soccer’s rise and fall in the US, with a lot of focus on the Washington, DC area where

  2. This is a great book that examines the life of soccer dad in suburban DC Area and the history of soccer in the United States. Since I am young professional who is nowhere near that part in my life I found the stories about youth sports quite boring. However, If you are in that part of your life of soccer practice, soccer games, carpooling, politics of sports, the money invested in the game then I would highly recommend that you read this book. I read this book primarily for the understanding of

  3. This fascinating book uncovers the largely forgotten history of soccer in the US, as discovered by an inexperienced youth soccer coach trying to learn the finer points of the game. I had no idea that soccer was a huge American sport in the early 1900s…that soccer came so close to being the American game before baseball claimed the title. Soccerhead is expertly narrated and a joy to read. It flows effortlessly between the rise of the College Park Hornets, and the rise and fall of American socce

  4. A thoroughly entertaining and educating look at Soccer in America. This book is full of tidbits if history of the true American Pasttime that have been lost throughout the years. Interspersed with the author’s anecdotes of his introduction to the sport and his subsequent love affair with it, this book has plenty to keep any soccerhead turning the pages straight through the end.

  5. Jim Haner took me through his journey as a reluctant peewee soccer league coach to a full fledged soccerhead in this book. He meticulously wrote his naivety of the game to exploring the history of American soccer. Honest, funny and down-right informative, this is a must-read to all soccer heads.

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