4 thoughts on “Small Business Kit For Dummies

  1. Fabulous pictures (suitable for framing!), great stories, o – and creative recipes too. Some of the recipes are a little too ‘out-there’ for me to make – I’ve never had a desire to spend the money on edible flowers. On the other hand there are 6 or 7 recipes that I make on a semi-monthly basis. And my all time favorite cake recipe is in this book.

    The perfect gift for a bridal shower or wedding. You have to read this cookbook to really appreciate the positive ratings and reviews.

  2. This will give you an overview of the basics, but be aware that it is very, very basic. If all you read was this book, you’d have the impression that the only difference between setting up your company as an LLC and setting it up as an S corp is the amount of paperwork you’d incur.

    That being said, this will give you a place to start from. Just be aware that you will need to do a lot more research to really understand what it means to create a business.

  3. This is an extraordinarily helpful book. In the back, there are templates for common documents one needs in setting up a business, and those alone are worth the price of the book. The discussion about what type of corporation to form is top-notch.

    Highly recommended.

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