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  1. “Love is the word, slow is the pace of such love. This book is both thoroughly charming, romantic as well as eloquently written. Not for those who have a penchant for B and D or rough sex; no hint of ‘wham, bang and thanks you ma’am here. No sir! This prose is for incurable romantics who enjoy spending long hours with their loves, tasting sexul dishes, those to be savored rather than gobbling down a quick snackeroo! I read Slow Love without stopping and I recommend it to all romantics and quiet

  2. We can all learn something eloquent and beautiful about love making from this book. Truly knowing and understanding your partner can make for a wonderful experience and the best way to know your partner is to first know yourself and only then can you be true with another.

    I really appreciate that Powell speaks of slowing everything down and really enjoying not only the motions but the emotions and to enjoy them means to go slowly.

    This is a beautiful book about love, understanding and loving not

  3. This is a great book! It’s about the sensuality/sexuality of Polynesian cultures and how we can bring this into our own lives. James’s writing is poetic and evokes vivid images of the islands and its peoples. He gives exercises to try that make it easy.

    My favorite line so far: “Simply by sensing your natural breathing you can become your own tropical island. For the waves of your breath gently kiss an inner shore–an inner paradise that is utterly silent and tranquil.” I could totally see and fe

  4. I enjoyed Slow Love for the candid, sensible notion that sexuality in itself should not only be enjoyed, but become thoroughly savored as well. A good example of this slow savoring is when one places something sweet in the mouth and savors the tastes for the enjoyment, rather than scarfing it down in hunger. This book provides practical and thorough solutions for couples that are longing for the ‘more’ in the bedroom. Slow Love also compares our naturalistic state of mind to that of the Polynesi

  5. Slow Love a Polynesian Pillow Book – Take Your Time and Enjoy One of Life’s Treasures!

    Rating: 4.5 of 5

    Author: James N. Powell
    Format: Paperback

    Imagine waking to the soft sounds of gentle waves rolling and crashing along a white sandy beach, crystal clear water, and food plentiful within a hands reach as a warm breeze caresses your skin. For some this sounds like a perfect vacation where one can unwind, relax, and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what if this wasn’t a vacati

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